Week 9 UPs and OUTs

Here are your Week 9 UPs and OUTs

UPs – 

  1. Matt Schaub – Facing the Bills, who have not been good, as he comes back from the bye. The risk with him is that they just run all day on the Bills.
  2. Jonathan Stewart – Getting the majority of the touches now with Deangelo on the outs which might be enough for him to get going against the Redskins
  3. Michael Bush – If you have Matt Forte you are definitely starting him but if the Titans falter and the Bears get up early the rumbling of Mike Bush might see pay dirt against a porous run defense.
  4. Denarius Moore – He has been better and better as the season wears on and he expands his route tree.
  5. Desean Jackson – The Eagles have their backs against the wall and Jackson should be ready to beat up on a tough Saints defense.
  6. Kyle Rudolph – The Seahawks are tough to score on all together but they can be soft up the middle for Rudolph to get going.
  7. San Diego Chargers Defense – Kansas City is a turnover waiting to happen whenever they have the ball.

OUTs –

  1. Matt Ryan – The Cowboys have been rough lately and the Falcons are going home where strangely Julio Jones disappears.
  2. Eli Manning – Only averaging 11.46 points per game in the last 3 and will face the Steelers who have been decent despite injuries.
  3. Chris Johnson – He has been coming on lately and has had good games against the Steelers and Texans but Chicago will be a different beast for Johnson to tame.
  4. Adrian Peterson – While he has made the best recovery from a significant knee injury perhaps ever, he will find the running rough in Seattle where they have only allowed one 100 yard rusher and most not named Frank Gore closer to 50 yards.
  5. A.J. Green – Champ Bailey put a blanket on Colston for most of the game last week and their Defense seems to be clicking.
  6. Julio Jones – He put the hurt on Asomugha last week but the Cowboys have been more disciplined against the pass and again his numbers at home are poor.
  7. Antonio Gates – He might be aging before our eyes as he seems to struggle to get open lately and couldn’t put up points on the Browns last week.
  8. New York Giants Defense – The Giants have the most takeaways in the league but the Steelers have the least giveaways.

Here is a recap from week 8 –  QB’s should score over/under 15, RB/WR’s over/under 10, TE’s over/under 8 and Defense over 8…

UPs that were UP – Shonn Greene at 10.6 points.

UPs that were OUT – Andrew Luck – 17.68, Alex Green – 8.2, Josh Gordon – 4.6, Kenny Britt – 3.4, Jermichael Finley – 2.4 and Atlanta Defense at 4 points.

UPs for week 8 = 1-6.                                   UPs record for the season = 26-25

OUTs that were OUT – Eli Manning – 6.98, Sam Bradford – 11.5, Alfred Morris – 5.9, Steven Jackson – 4.5, Calvin Johnson – 4.6, Victor Cruz – 2.3, and Vernon Davis at 3.4 points.

OUTs that were UP – Green Bay Packers Defense at 13 points.

OUTs for week 8 = 7-1                                  OUTs record for the season = 29-25

Overall record for the season = 55-50  at 52%

If half your team is on the outs and the other half is on the ups then you might just be alright if I’m going to stay around 50%….




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