Week 8 UPs and OUTs

Starting as usual with a recap from week 7 –  QB’s should score over/under 15, RB/WR’s over/under 10, TE’s over/under 8 and Defense over 8…

UPs that were UP – Chris Johnson – 31.8, Fred Jackson – 18 and NY Giants D at 11 points.

UPs that were OUT – Joe Flacco – 8.58, Hakeem Nicks – 5.3, Denarius Moore – 9.6 and Martellus Bennett at 7.9 points.

UPs for week 7 = 3-4   Close on Moore and Bennett but so were the Jets…     UPs Season Wins – Losses = 25 – 19

OUTs that were OUT – Calvin Johnson – 3.4 and Michael Crabtree – 3.1 points… when you’re right you’re right tough going for them but when you’re wrong you’re….

OUTs that were OUT – RGIII – 24.22, Percy Harvin – 10.7, Marshawn Lynch 11.6, Frank Gore – 18.2, Shonn Greene – 14.8 and Houston D at 20 points.

OUTs for week 8 = 2-6                       OUTs Season Wins-Losses = 22 – 24

Season Wins – Losses = 47-43  that’s  52%

I don’t think I’ll be betting against RGIII again this year – with the success he has had running the ball he might have the highest floor of anyone week in and week out.

On to Week 8 –


  1. Andrew Luck – Tennessee has been vulnerable in the passing game and they have allowed around 19 points per game by quarterbacks.  The risk here is a close ugly game with little offensive skill on either side but I would think Luck would prevail likely after Chris Johnson puts the Titans into a lead… hopefully it comes early.
  2. Shonn Greene – Miami has been decent versus the run but as a division game it should be ugly and close which will give Greene more touches to put up some points.
  3. Alex Green – Green means go right? It looks like he is the clear back of choice in GREEN Bay (terrible, I know, but I did it anyways) and this will be the week he lives up to his waiver add that you might be questioning after he put up 35 yards on 20 carries last week. The Jags defense can be run on and he is due.
  4. Josh Gordon – The over-sized rookie has been going off lately and should see plenty of targets after the Chargers hit the scoreboard early on the struggling Browns defense which is in the bottom ten for rushing and receiving yards allowed.
  5. Kenny Britt – The Colts have limited opposing quarterbacks to few yards but allowed plenty of rushing yards.  If the Titans can move the chains with Johnson then they might be able to punch it in with big ole Kenny Britt…. you think it’s a reach?  Well he’s on my fantasy team and I not only want him on that wall, I need him on that wall!
  6. Jermichael Finley – He hasn’t put up decent numbers most of the season but with Jennings and potentially Nelson out against the  Jaguars, he might be due for a day full of targets.  Let’s just hope he catches them.
  7. Atlanta Falcons Defense – They are tied with the third most interceptions so far this year and facing Vick who has thrown the most in the NFC.


  1. Eli Manning – Only put up 12 points on the ‘Boys in week 1.  It’s been a long 7 weeks since then but Dallas hasn’t let a QB go for more than 18 fantasy points against them all year.
  2. Sam Bradford – As sexy as it is to pick against the Pat’s secondary, the Boston team will represent the American Yanks in Britain well and might even roll into the bye looking decent.
  3. Alfred Morris – Pittsburgh’s pass heavy offense should put a lead on early against the Redskins which might limit Morris’s touches if they can get up a few scores and stay there.
  4. Steven Jackson – He might be banged up or just plain old, after all he is over 29, either way the Pat’s have been tough up front lead by Wilfork and a disciplined core of linebackers.
  5. Calvin Johnson – He is still limited in practice, which might mean nothing, but he will be facing the Seattle corners which should mean something – a struggle.
  6. Victor Cruz – He struggled against the Cowboys in week one and the Ryan’s like to take away the quarterbacks safety valve on defense and he has been Eli’s go to guy.
  7. Vernon Davis – He only had one catch for thirty-two yards in Arizona last year.  The Card’s defense has improved and they have been solid against tight ends.
  8. Green Bay Packers Defense – As much as they should outmatch the Jaguars they will be without their big play maker in Charles Woodson and Jacksonville has taken care of the rock this year with only six teams turning it over less than them.

Let’s get the season record back closer to 60%  –  Good luck out there Fantasy Fanatics….



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