Week 7 UPs and OUTs

Here’s the wrap up from an ugly week of picks from Week 6 – QB’s should score over/under 15, RB/WR’s over/under 10, TE’s over/under 8 and Defense over 8… Here comes the ugly.

UPs that were UP – Andy Dalton – 22.74 and Doug Martin – 13.1 points…ouch.

UPs that were OUT – Andrew Hawkins – 3.7, Michael Crabtree – 2.6, William Powell – 7.8, Coby Fleener – 4.2 and Patriots D – 6 points.

UPs scoring 2-5   UPs score on the year – 22-15

OUTs that were OUT – Marshawn Lynch – 5.2, Rob Gronkowski – 6.1 and 49ers Defense – 2 points.

OUTs that were UP – Tom Brady – 21.8, Tony Romo – 17.44, Jordy Nelson – 30.1, Victor Cruz – 11.8 and Alfred Morris – 11.6 points.  Jordy Nelson…  it just burns saying the name on the list after that week… my picks put the Frank Thomas on me this week.

OUTs scoring 3-5      OUTs scoring for the season – 20-18

Week 6 overall 5-10             Season overall – 42-33  – 56%  

Thought I had some good options last week but they just didn’t play out as I saw it.  Let’s try it again and see what we can do…..here goes nothing

Week 7 UPs –

  1. Joe Flacco – As Houston puts points up on the injury plagued Ravens D they will rely on Flacco to follow the Packers template to abuse Houston in the air.
  2. Hakeem Nicks – Washington has been very generous to opposing wide receivers and the Giants will likely try to get him back into form.
  3. Denarius Moore – The Jags have let up a hundred yards AND a touchdown to a wide out in the last three weeks.  The Raiders have been looking for more Moore and it should continue.
  4. Chris Johnson – A great head to head match of a Swiss cheese defense vs a sieve defense.
  5. Fred Jackson – Will be running for the sieve team.
  6. Martellus Bennett – The Redskins have let up points to tight ends and Bennett will get a few looks in the red zone as the Giants move the ball.
  7. NY Giants Defense – The Giants defensive line efforts against opposing offenses has resembled a 80’s Tyson fight, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Week 7 OUTs 

  1. Robert Griffin III –   Giants have hit the opponents early and often and are athletic enough to keep Griffin within the tackles until he gets sacked.  The key here is that they can keep him from gaining yards on the ground by dominating up front.
  2. Percy Harvin – As the only go to wide out for Minnesota he should attract plenty of attraction from Peterson which could spell trouble.
  3. Calvin Johnson – Averages 79.4 yards per game in Chicago and in five games has only scored 1 touchdown there….in 2008. In that stretch he only has two games with either a touchdown or 100 yards out of five.
  4. Michael Crabtree – Manningham is out and the top corners for Seattle have wiped out wide outs.
  5. Marshawn Lynch – Although the game will likely be close with opportunity to run they didn’t get it done against the Patriots on the ground and San Francisco shouldn’t be any easier.
  6. Frank Gore – Similar to Lynch, he didn’t get it done vs. the Giants and the Seahawks swallowed up Ridley last week. To add another hint to these guys struggling, the Vegas over/under for this game is a couple points lower than any other league matchup for week 7. The ground at Candlestick should play like mud.
  7. Shonn Greene – New England took Lynch out of the game to force Wilson to beat them last week. Seemed like a good idea before the game and they should look to force Sanchez to throw while taking Greene out of the game this week.
  8. Houston Texans – It’s a copy cat league and the Ravens aren’t bird brained. Houston got burned in the air last week and the Ravens will likely need to put up some points to win.

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