Deeper Look at the Crag Index

The teams that have lowered a running backs Crag Index ( Find your Week 6 Crag Index Here) the most by average are:

  1. Pittsburgh @ -5.414
  2. NY Giants @ -4.469
  3. Arizona @     -1.89
  4. NO Saints @ -1.461
  5. NE Patriots @ -1.097
  6. Houston  @ – 0.365
  7. Minnesota @ -.21

I still think the jury is out on the Saints so far but the rest of these teams have solid against opposing backs. The Broncos, Bears, Eagles, Seahawks, Miami and Cincinnati follow with an increase of Crag allowed under 1.

Now the part we all salivate over, what teams allow the highest Crag Index gains.

  1. Indianapolis @ 10.02
  2. Green Bay @ 9.7822
  3. Buffalo @ 9.1541
  4. Carolina @ 8.2819
  5. Jacksonville @ 6.9932
  6. Cleveland @ 6.6792
  7. NY Jets @ 6.0035

The outlier here is Green Bay getting smoked for a 52.367 Crag Index increase by Arian Foster. Aside from that they have held every other player to under 5 points of an increase  with 3 of their other 5 opposing backs gaining less than 1 on the index. Indy, Buffalo, Carolina and the Jets have given up a gain over ten twice while only the Browns have twice given up gains of twenty.

If I was going to make some gambles off this list I would think the Patriots would unleash the hurry up and run on the Jets with some success while Shonn Greene and Alfred Morris would find tough running in their week 7 matches. As a sly bridge to a piece I’ll have coming in the next weeks….

It’s time to start finding a running back that plays Indy or Cleveland in your fantasy playoffs – good luck out there and stay lucky in week number 7.


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