Week 6 UPs and OUTs

Let’s start by looking back at last weeks picks and results- QB’s should score over/under 15, RB/WR’s over/under 10, TE’s over/under 8 and Defense over 8.

UPs that were UP – C. Ponder – 21.42, R. Mathews 19.90, R. Wayne 27.2, K. Rudolph 8.3 and Vikings D – 10 pts.

UPs that were OUT – R. Tannehill 8.52, C. Benson 4.1 (left game with injury) and G. Little – 0!

UPs record – 5-3

OUTs that were OUT – C. Newton 7.84, M. Jones-Drew 5.9, B. Green-Ellis 1.6, S. Smith  4, A. Johnson 1.5 and A. Gates 1.9.

OUTS that were UP – M. Vick 16.6 and Atlanta Defense 11 points.

OUTs Record – 6-2        Week 5 Overall record 11-5

Season Record: 37 – 23  at 62%


1. A. Dalton – Put up decent numbers (318 yds – 3 tds- 1 int) on Cleveland already this year.  Haden is coming back which might hinder A.J. Green but Dalton threw 260 yards and 2 tds to the other guys last game.

2. A. Hawkins – With Haden back the Bengals might look to throw it to the slot specialist early and often and the Browns secondary isn’t very deep.

3. M. Crabtree – ‘The master of the slant’, Crabtree, might be hit on quick throws to prevent the Giants D-line from getting to Smith, who has been very accurate lately.

4. W. Powell – The Bills have been devastated in a bad way the last two weeks and Powell is going to be playing for a contract with Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams out….and I need him to score some big points.

5. D. Martin – Playing KC with backup quarterback Matt Cassell, which should prove for a close game with lots of opportunities to run the ball.

6. C. Fleener – Cromartie should take Wayne out of a few plays and Fleener is third in targets on the Colts after missing week three. He should get some opportunities and the Jets aren’t that great against tight ends.

7. New England Patriots Defense – have been great with forcing turnovers and there are only five quarterbacks with more picks than Wilson.  If the Pats take Lynch out Wilson will be forced to make plays which hasn’t been his strong point since the infamous Golden Tate push off.


1. Tom Brady – Seattle at home is no easy task.  If the Seahawks can keep the crowd in the game they will take the no-huddle out of it and that could make moving the chains difficult for Brady.

2. T. Romo – Struggling lately and there isn’t a more hostile place to play than Baltimore.

3. J. Nelson – Struggles without Jennings to take the heat away from him and he might be due to struggle again against the Texans and Jonathan Joseph.

4. V. Cruz – With Nicks ailing the 49ers will look to take him out with Carlos Rogers and Eli might look to a better match when he spreads them out with his other receivers.

5. M. Lynch – The Pats have not been easy to run against and the Seahawks have very little to take the heat away from Lynch when the Pats stack the box.

6. A. Morris – The Vikings have been the second harshest team on running backs and if they will be right at home putting the hurt on Morris at home.

7. R. Gronkowski – Seattle has been tough on tight ends and if the crowd gets loud the Pats might not move the ball like they have in the past few games with the hurry up.

8. 49ers Defense – The Giants don’t turn the ball over much and this should be a tight game with few opportunities for picks or fumbles.

Good luck out there fantasy fanatics!


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