Week 5 UPs and OUTs

Quick Look back at last weeks picks first – QB’s should score over/under 15, RB/WR’s over/under 10, TE’s over/under 8 and Defense over 8.

UPs that were UP were – Schaub – 19.88 pts, Freeman – 16.76 pts, Benson – 10.6 pts, M. Williams – 11.5 pts, O. Daniels – 13.2 pts and Arizona D – 12 pts.

UPs that were OUT – Green-Ellis – 7.4 and Dallas D – 4 points.

UPs went 6-2 …looks good so far…but wait

OUTs that were OUT – Seahawks D – 5 points – ouch.

OUTs that were UP – Cutler 21 pts, RGIII 23.22 pts, C. Johnson – 15.7 pts, Charles – 19.5 pts, Richardson – 16.4 pts and Marshall – 19.5 pts.

(Nicks dnp)  OUTs – 1-6

Week 4 total 7-8   Season Total – 26-18 at 59%

Week 5 UPs and OUTs –


1. Christian Ponder – A little banged up but he has been efficient and has a tasty match-up against the Titans who allow the most points to QB’s

2. R. Tannehill – Getting into a rhythm with Bess and Hartline and has a decent opportunity against the Bengals.

3. C. Benson – Pack should have the lead against Indy and might have a short field to work with when Woodson picks Luck like he does every other rookie QB he faces.

4. R. Matthews – Chargers have a juicy match-up against New Orleans and despite missing the goal line work and start last week he should pick up plenty of yards, assuming he doesn’t fumble early.

5. R. Wayne – Coming off a bye he should get plenty targets as Luck tries to keep up with Rodgers.

6. G. Little – Going to make a splash in New York as the Browns main target against an off and on Giants secondary.

7.Kyle Rudolph – Tennessee can be scored on and they have been poor against the tight end.

Bonus – Minnesota Defense – Matt Hassleback forced back into action is enough to make them good.


1. Cam Newton – If they struggle running against a tough Seattle front seven he will be in for a long day.

2. Michael Vick – Pittsburgh is coming off a bye and will be in full attack mode.

3. Mo Jones-Drew – Going to see a stacked box against the Bears who have been third best against the run this year.

4. B. Green-Ellis – Miami has been the best against the run and there is little flashy about the suddenly fumble prone Green-Ellis.

5. Steve Smith – Carolina isn’t throwing much and he will be in a tussle or two with Browner before the day is done.

6. A. Johnson – The Jets come home after a rough day vs San Fran and Cromartie will be all over Andre and his tight hamstring.

7. A. Gates – Despite every other position dominating the Saints, they have been good against the tight end.

8. Atlanta Defense – They have been solid but the Redskins only have two turnovers in four games.


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