Week 4 UPs and OUTs

Week 4 is coming fast and by week 6 we usually have a good enough sample size to know what to expect.  The referee situation makes one wonder though how it might further affect the fantasy game.  Will the introduction of the seasoned veteran referees bring back the passing numbers that dominated the 2011 season?  Is the sample size going to bubble past the bye weeks once the real refs stand up?  Either way as a Brady and Rodgers owner I have to hope the refs will bring back the passing numbers.  Here goes nothing for week 4……

UPs for Week 4 are:

1. Matt Schaub – Assuming he is healthy (he took a hit that would make Van Gogh wince) he has a favorable match-up with Tennessee coming this Sunday.

2. Josh Freeman – Struggled in Dallas but a return trip home against the R-E-D-S-K-I-N-S spells relief.

3. BenJarvus Green-Ellis – Jags not so solid on the ground and he gets all the looks for the Bengals, even if it is a 2 yard punch in after an A.J. Green long ball.

4. Cedric Benson – The Packers should move the chains on a Saints defense that proved yet again they lack the ability to tackle and he was a strong point of their second half in Seattle.

5. Mike Williams – I wouldn’t be dancing on a limb if I said play Vincent Jackson but the Redskins let Green, Hawkins and Binns score points last week.  Williams gets plenty of targets on this offense and should do well.

6. Owen Daniels – He is a fringe top tier tight end so this might not be a stretch but the team should move the ball and he is getting the more targets than Andre Johnson through three games.

7. Arizona Defense – If you haven’t figured it out yet – these guys look good.  They play Miami which doesn’t hurt.

Bonus – Dallas Cowboys Defense – should eat pieces of Jay Cutler for breakfast.

OUTs for Week 4 are:

1. Jay Cutler – Can be had with their shaky offensive line and the Cowboys have been tough to pass on.

2. Robert Griffin III – Has been the best so far but hasn’t yet had a road game with a D the likes of Tampa Bay.  They held Newton and Romo in check, I don’t think RGIII’s scrambling ability will surprise them.

3. Chris Johnson – Seems like the whole word has turned their backs on him.  He can and will do better but it’s tough to see it starting against the Texans defense.

4. Jamaal Charles – San Diego defense is allowing 20 less yards per game than Charles put up in one 91 yard touchdown against the Saints.  Slight hint that things could be closer to Charles performances in weeks one and two.

5. Trent Richardson – He has got it done the last two weeks but against the Ravens thursday with a sore knee on short rest…. three strikes, you know the rest.

6. Brandon Marshall – The one guy Rob Ryan wants to make the Bears play without and unfortunately for Marshall, Ryan has the tools to do it.

7. Hakeem Nicks – Hasn’t got going yet this year and should have a tough time against the Packers secondary.

8. Seattle Defense – Just bested the Cowboys and Packers at home but couldn’t handle Arizona’s offense on the road week one.  They go to St. Louis and I’d expect more Dr. Jekyll soft on the run Seahawks defense than the Mr. Hyde we’ve seen in Seattle.

Season Average is 65% (19-10) and hopefully rising….


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