Checking up after Week 3

First off the tally on last weeks UPs and OUTs predictions (QB over 15, RB/WR over 10 and TE over 8):

UPs that were UP- A. Dalton (25.72), Mike Bush (13.3), Andrew Hawkins (14.2) and Andre Brown (25).

UPs that were OUT- Cam Newton (13.28), Brandon LaFell (2.7) and Brandon Pettigrew (4.1).

UPs tally – 4-3

OUTs that were OUT- Josh Freeman (7.5), Shonn Greene (4.9), V. Jackson (2.9), V. Cruz  (4.2) and J. Tamme (3.1).

OUTs that were IN – P. Manning (21.2), A. Peterson (10.7) and C. Benson (12.4).

OUTs tally –  5-3

Week 3 totals 9-6   Total on the season 19-10 – Still a lot more right than wrong but the season percentage drops to 65%.  Forget to turn in my homework once and I’m failing.


Following up with last weeks look at Running Backs 29 or older ( a few guys on the list were banged up either going into the week or coming out.  This is why it’s always good to keep an eye on this group.

Frank Gore still looked good, Darren Sproles actually led the Saints in carries (whopping 7), Ced Benson went for 64 total yards on 21 touches after an ugly pass every down first half and faces a soft Saints D next week.  The Packers might just come close to running as often as passing for once….nah.  C.J. Spiller went down with a shoulder injury and might just open the door for Fred Jackson to come back.  Jackson coming back early at 70-75 percent against a tough run defense in New England sounds like a poor recipe for longevity but if he can stay healthy the Bills line opens up holes with the best of them.  Otherwise keep an eye out for Tashard Choice if Jackson has a set back.

Jacquizz Rodgers played more snaps than Mike Turner and Willis McGahee suffered a rib injury that might open the door to Moreno or Lance Ball or even Rookie Ronnie Hillman…..sounds like Mike Shanahan is back in Denver.  The Rams and Panthers got flat out beat last week but it’s starting to look like Steven Jackson isn’t going to make it to 35 catches let alone his average of 44 for the past couple seasons, which could be trouble if you are in a PPR.  DeAngelo Williams didn’t capitalize with Stewart out but they both finished their games healthy which is a leg up on McGahee…. for now.


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