7 Men UP and 8 OUT: Week 3

Following up on Week 2 player picks – Quarterbacks should score over 15, Running Backs and Receivers over 10 and Tight Ends over 8….here are the results.

The ups that were UP were – J. Freeman 15.72, Mike Williams – 11.9 Pts, D. Bowe 22.2 pts, Cam Newton 25.52,  BenJarvus Green-Ellis 10.5,

The Ups that were DOWN were- Peterson 8 pts and Fleener 1.6pts.

Ups Ratio = 5/7

The Outs that were OUT were – Romo 12.94, Pitta 6.5 pts, Bradshaw 1.6, Chris Johnson 2.8, Sid Rice 2.3

The Outs that were IN were – Dalton 24.12pts, AJ Green 11.8.  (P. Garcon DNP)

Outs Ratio = 5/7

Overal Ratio = 10/14 = 71%

Lets see if Week 3 can get the average up….

Week 3 UPS

Andy Dalton – Washington hasn’t been great and they just lost two starters for the year.

Cam Newton – The Giants will be on the road and are likely to be confused at the different grass let alone routes being run at them.

Mike Bush – Taking the bulk of the snaps with Forte out and gets a friendly start at home vs. the Rams.

Andre Brown – Assuming Bradshaw is out Wilson has fumbled too much for goal line work and Panthers can be run on.

Andrew Hawkins – see above regarding the Redskins injuries and a Rams offense putting up 31 on them.

Brandon LaFell – At home against a Giants secondary that couldn’t cover a tack with all the textiles in Chin…oh their just bad and I’m still a bitter Pat’s fan.

Brandon Pettigrew – Titans allowing the most Tight End success.


Peyton Manning – In for a struggle against a stingy Texans D that used to see this guy twice a year.

Josh Freeman – Has an away game against a Dallas defense that has been very good against the pass.

Shonn Greene – a stingy Miami run defense at home in a division game has the edge.

Adrian Peterson – If Indy was a tough run last week then San Francisco this week will be something written by Wes Craven.

Ced Benson – Has an away game in Seattle where the ground is quicksand for away backs.

Vincent Jackson – Top receivers have been on milk cartons against the ‘Boys D this year.

Victor Cruz – The Panthers have held all the wide outs they have seen under 50 yards.

Jacob Tamme – Houston has been one of the best against the Tight End and they have also seen this guy plenty before.


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