7 men up and 8 out

Here’s a quick look at 7 guys on the ups for this weekend and 8 guys that you might want out….

7  Ups

  1. Josh Freeman – The giants secondary was rancid last week.
  2. Mike Williams – See Above.
  3. Benjarvus Green-Ellis – Dalton will struggle to pass on Cleveland but the law firm is open all day
  4. Adrian Peterson – Soft Indy D to run all over plus maybe more touches than last week.
  5. Cam Newton – New Orleans made RGIII look like a Saint last week.
  6. Dwayne Bowe – Gets plenty looks and the Bills got beat up by SANCHEZ last week.
  7. Coby Fleener – Vikes allowed every perfect catch to target % to Lewis last week plus a TD.

8 Outs

  1. Andy Dalton – The Cleveland pass D will be one of the best by year end.
  2. AJ green – Healthy dose of Haden would ruin anyone’s day.
  3. A. Bradshaw – Tampa Bay D-line very stingy upfront last week starting with McCoy.
  4. Chris Johnson –San Diego dominated the Raiders up front and Phillips will be a defensive POY candidate.
  5. Pierre Garcon – St. Louis picked up Finnegan so he could pick on guys like garcon.
  6. Sidney Rice – Mr. Glass has missed two practices and has a tough Dallas match coming up.
  7. Dennis Pitta – Just can’t see him following up with another top 3 TE performance with his track record.
  8. Tony Romo – Seattle always elevates their game at home and it usually starts on D.

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