Get yourself started in a Fantasy Football League….

Here are a few basic rules to enjoy your fantasy season….

  1. Pick players that you like.  It’s YOUR team, make it what you want.  Draft a team of guys that all went to college in the Big 12, draft a team where ever player is under 30 (not generally a bad idea in any situation) or even draft a team of Rookies (generally a bad idea in any situation).  Pick guys that you like because you are going to be cheering for them every Sunday.
  2. Hedge your bets from your true alliances.  If you cheer for the Patriots in real life don’t draft the entire Patriots offense.  Although this is going to be one of the few years to have a team’s entire offense and the Pats, Saints or Packers are the teams to buy stock in.  Try picking one or two guys from a team but don’t overload.  If they run into a bad weather game or tough defensive matchup your whole fantasy team will suffer.  Spread it out some and beware of over paying for hometown players in leagues with friends who all root for the same team.  Go completely in the other direction if you dare and draft a Jets player.  When they do poorly in fantasy you will be happy in the real world and vice versa.
  3. Get a stud QB if you miss one of the elite RB’s. The 5 top QB’s – Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Cam Newton and Matt Stafford all scored more points than every running back in the league.  The top RB’s might have a larger point differential from the next tier but the quarterbacks flat out score more.  Out of the top fifteen players only five were running backs or wide receivers even in leagues that balance fantasy scoring by awarding 4 points to every thrown touchdown compared to 6 rushing or receiving.
  4. Draft your middle rounds for depth and upside.  Get players that will be in a position to succeed.  Look for a top wide receiver on a team who will get plenty targets or a back with skill who is a backup to a player that if injured would open the door to lots of fantasy points.  Find a late round quarterback with a soft matchup on your starting QB’s bye week.  The middle rounds can make or break your team’s depth and come up huge on your stud’s bye weeks.
  5. Set the trends don’t follow them.  Once you’ve locked in a QB and a few backs and wide-outs make a move at a top defense or tight end.  Last year’s top tight ends outscored most wide receivers and the tier below Gronkowski and Graham can yield quality points.  Also if choosing between picking your fourth back or receiver instead you might pick a top tier defense before everyone else does.  They score as well as some RB2’s and can be very useful to have through the season.  Keep in mind one or two points can win a week.
  6. Get some peace of mind.  Draft guys that you expect to start regardless of the situation and establish a hierarchy on your team.  You don’t want to spend your Sunday pregame on the computer debauching yourself in a gross medley of web page after web page of endless statistics only to bench a running back and then watch him walk into the end zone a second or third time a few hours later.

These are some of the starting points to get you on your way to putting interest into games that would not have previously mattered to you and making your Sundays action packed even when your home team is on the bye.  In the next few offerings you may find a gross medley of statistics to debauch yourself.